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T+X Cold Vulcanising Adhesive

Two Part Rubber Cement, Non Flammable

T+X  Cold Vulcanising Adhesive is a Two-Part Poly-chloroprene based rubber cement designed for cold bonding rubber. It is specifically designed for bonding rubber to rubber, metal or fabric but can be used for a variety of different surfaces.

T+X  is non-flammable and suitable for use in underground applications or where there is a high risk for ignition points and fire. Ideal for, coal mines or grain handling and processing.

It is primarily used for cold splicing or repairing conveyor belts or for the cold bonding of wear and corrosion protection rubber linings and pulley lagging. To achieve ultimate adhesion when bonding with T+X , it is recommended to use products with the Reglin CN Bonding Layer.

The CN bonding layer and TRS adhesive system are extremely flexible and allow for good bond strength to be achieved even in adverse conditions often encountered when the application is occurring on site on operational equipment.