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Conveyor Impact Bars

RUITA  Conveyor Impact Bars are a moulded composite slider bar of wear resistant ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMPWE) vulcanised to a black, highly elastic premium grade, impact resistant synthetic Rubber. They are designed for use as a replaceable bar on conveyor impact slider beds at loading points on conveyor systems.

The UHMWPE top layer is abrasion resistant with low friction which results in a low coefficient of friction between the Conveyor Impact Bar and conveyor cover allowing the conveyor belt to slide against the bar under heavy loading, whilst the rubber backing absorbs the impact of loading.

Impact Bars are supplied with tapered ends to reduce friction on the conveyor belt when entering and exiting the loading point. This also assists to eliminate a possible catch point, resulting in a smooth transition through the loading zone.

Impact Bars are supplied with embedded AL-60Aluminium T-Tracks for stability under impact. This T-track allows for strong and easy mechanical fastening to steel impact bed structures.

Impact Bars can be supplied as a full element or as a custom cut bar to suit the length of the bed, ready for easy installation. They can be supplied as per specifications and drawings or custom designed to meet application requirements.

Impact Bars are supplied with T-Bolt assemblies, which can be adjusted along the length of the T-track for flexible and easy installation.